SLMC Participate in 2019 Indonesia Machinery (Electronics) Brand Exhibition

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SLMC Participate in 2019 Indonesia Machinery (Electronics) Brand Exhibition
日期:2019-8-30 10:48:28

      From August 28 to 30, Mr.Zhang Xiaolei, the chief engineer of SLMC, led a team to attend the 2019 Indonesian paper exhibition in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. During this period, he had done preliminary communication with many Indonesian merchants and determined the intention of further cooperation.

       Since 2007, we have cooperated with Indah Kiat, Tjiwi Kimia and other paper mills located in Indonesia under the APP, who is the world's largest paper industry group, on projects such as film transfer sizing machine and coating machine, which have won users' trust and great applause.

       This year, SLMC attaches great importance to the international market. One of the important measures is to expand the information of overseas market by participating in relevant paper exhibitions in various countries, so as to let more overseas customers understand and recognize SLMC. We believe that through our unremitting efforts, "SLMC" brand awareness will be become higher and higher. And the biggest vision that SLMC is determined to become an internationally renowned Chinese coating and finishing equipment supplier will be just around the corner!

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